“Hosu” the name was generated by an ambitious child willing to humour family, friends even school teachers when she was asked if this is the company she would want to sell things at. Many years later when my sister and brother recalled the name to be registered as a real brand, it no longer was just an anecdote. Today this family owned company fully immerses in its design, thoroughly procuring immaculate gemstones to build Art in the form of Jewellery.

Studying Art is a generational practise in most Bengali homes. Being one meant it was inevitable. So after graduating Design School, it was the designing of jewellery that engulfed me with its richness and enigma. While holding a full time designing job, it was the custom pieces for family and friends that reflected more personal taste that birthed ‘Hosu’ in order to allow more people in the process of experiencing personalised piece of Art. 


The design under Hosu is an amalgamation of a mixed history from all the colonial rulers that left their essence in our everyday life in India. From food, architecture, clothes to art, the presence of Mughal Empire, the British Emperors even the local Maharajas among many have all generated a unique design language. Most of this jewellery making techniques are century old and can only be executed by very highly skilled local artisans. Today pieces from Hosu reflects this style in the form of Jewellery. 


All our products are handmade, and curated using genuine precious gemstones like emeralds, ruby, diamonds mounted in 925 Sterling Silver, plated in Gold.

We make limited pieces and are constantly exploring with new designs. The purpose is to make them in the best quality so that they become a part of your heirloom and retain value.