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Fajr Emerald Haar

Fajr Emerald Haar

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Metal - 925 Sterling Silver
Plating - 18 k Gold
Length - 17 inches approx

Natural Oval Zambian Emerald - 1 carat
Total Emerald - 6 ct
Diamond Rose cut - 2 carat


This Necklace is part of our ‘Fajr’ collection.

Fajr’ is the fleeting period of time between the night sky and day break.
As the day approaches, the nostalgia of the night still lingers around.
The relationship we have with mundane things and the nostalgia we develop in their absence generates an undefined beauty. Here we capture this lingering feeling in the form of Art Pieces in the form of Jewellery.

This is a journey of a family owned small business, dedicated to preserving our Art & History through creating heirloom pieces for all. The Art of Jewellery making were passed down from the Indian Royals and since then we have used this centuries old technique that are specific to the region.

Our everyday life plays a crucial role in influencing the design process. Life here is a mix of old and new, where historical remnants from different colonial emperors from Ottoman, Mughal to British have generated an unique design language, which naturally reflects in all our pieces.

Since all our products are handmade, not every piece will be flawless. There is human touch to each design and that adds to charm of the Jewellery.
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